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temporary new layout... [Dec. 6th, 2005|12:10 am]
Trivia Community for Dumbledore's Army

Hey guys. Trivia will officially restart this for this term on December 10th. As well, as I do with a lot of hogwarts_da communities I had difficulty reading this trivia community's page. It loaded as all black with dark gray text for me (no I did not design the old layout). So, this week I am going to be working on a new layout for this community. The one that is up right now is only temporary, so that it can be read on various browsers. Hope you are all having a good week. This post is public so that anyone can see it. The trivia contests posts are friends-locked, so if you want to participate and earn your house points, please join the community. :)


Liz // Trivia Mistress

PS - The only reason I decided to take initiative and change the layout for this community is that I know from past entries in the main community (a long while back) others were saying that they were having the same problems with a lot of the communities layouts. Some of the layouts seem to not want to work in Firefox. The layout I will change this to (I'll make a custom one, since the temporary default one is boring :P ) will be standard code that can be read by any browser.

PPS - Headmistress Amanda, I tried to contact you to ask if this was okay to do, but could not get in contact with you. Are you okay with me changing the colors some to make it display better? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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